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Player Experiences

Building Relationships On & Off the Ice

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Here's what our players had to say

Loren Gabel Team Canada

Loren Gabel

Team Canada

Jacob Bloomfield St. Marys Lincolns

Jacob Bloomfield

St. Marys Lincolns

Paul Gaudet is a huge supporter of all sports, but most importantly hockey. Since I was four years old he has been in my life and as I got older he became more into the sport of hockey with myself as an individual. He watched me grow as a player and a person. What makes him so special is the hard work and dedication he puts in day in and day out behind the scenes, what people don’t see is what makes him unique. He always tries to make players better than they are and help them get to where they want to eventually end up. Like myself, my dream when I was eight years old was to play on the Canadian National Team, I finally accomplished that goal in the year 2018. Paul was there with me through it all. He helped me strive and push for greatness and he has helped make me become who I am both on and off the ice. He has been there for me through it all. He has seen me play on the world stage, win championships, and individual awards. But what makes him so special is that no matter where I am in my sport, he always wants me to push harder and further.

Paul is a very caring, well-connected, honest man.  Paul is able to assist me through the on & off-ice struggles of competitive sport. He constantly motivates me to reach my full potential. His resources have connected me with opportunities at the next level. Paul is not afraid to tell me about my areas of weakness as well as my strengths. This honesty & attentiveness has helped me to improve & reflect on my play. Paul is not only a mentor, he is now a friend.